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Dangerous (wedding song for Pat Mitchell & Scott Seydel 2021)

by Amber Rubarth

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Hi friends!

Hope you are all doing well and finding connection and love with your selves, loved ones, art, reading, nature, or anything else. Sending you all warm hugs and love, and I hope this little song gives you a smile.

Sometimes the vast weight of the world feels overwhelming and hard to know how to respond. This song was born out of something very individual and personal, which has been a beautiful reminder for me. A couple dear friends of mine, who are also wildly inspirational in my life, were doing their every-7-year-re-wedding and I was invited to write a song for them. Writing it was such a joy, and there was a lovely lesson for me in using art so specifically, for just one (or in this case two) people. I loved the process, it felt so connective like my entire goal was to love these two people and let the unique resonance of them and their love emerge and be celebrated.

So a little backstory of the wedding couple, Pat Mitchell and Scott Seydel. They are two of the most joyous, bright, inspiring, lively, dance-y people I've met, as you might guess by the fact that in their 70's they're still re-marrying each other every 7 years. :) You can learn more about Pat on her site or read / listen to her beautiful new book "Becoming a Dangerous Woman: Embracing Risk to Change the World," which chronicles her life from a cotton farm in Georgia to the groundbreaking work she has done through media and her lifelong global humanitarian efforts. She encourages others "to embrace risk to create a more equitable world," and says "dangerous times call for dangerous women." And Scott is right there beside her, both as an incredible support in her huge work and life, as well as in his own working to create more sustainability and protection of Mother Earth in all ways. They are both so special as individuals, and in their magnificent love for each other, and it truly was an honor getting to celebrate them by writing this song for their ceremony.

The idea of putting ourselves at risk in order to make needed change is such a bold idea, and it can be done in so many ways - more subtle, personal ways or bigger worldly ways. History shows us how at every point in time something that is common "knowledge" is later proved inaccurate or at least not the full picture - everything from our understanding of time and space and origins to cultural ways of being or understanding the world, the planet, and our own selves. I feel this particular time, while things are still in a bit of a pause from regular life, can offer a beautiful space to really listen to what resonates for us, especially when it pushes against what is "normal" or accepted. The younger generation coming in feels so naturally attuned in advanced ways on planetary sustainability, gender and sexual fluidity, racial equality, things that perhaps our generations and those before societally had areas to grow.

I have a lot more songs to share, currently posting behind-the-scenes shares on www.Patreon.com/Amber if you'd like to join and support.

Also, Pat and Scott love Dave Eggar, the two of us played for TEDxWomen years back (another organization Pat is a force behind) and so it felt fitting to have him add cello on this song. And he always does such a gorgeous job. The rest of everything is written, recorded and mixed by me here at home tucked into the woods in the Hudson Valley, NY. :)

20% of proceeds from this song will be donated to www.SunriseMovement.org
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Warm hugs and love,




Written for Pat Mitchell & Scott Seydel re-wedding celebration 2021
Music & Lyrics by Amber Rubarth (c) 2021

If you know her
You can count your lucky stars
She’s a fierce risk taker
With a generous heart
She’ll speak up for you
If you’re in the dark
She’s a wise, wild woman

From small town Georgia
To the big city lights
With a child on her hip
And a dream in her eyes
If they say no, she’ll find a yes in time
She’s a wise, wild woman

And everything she touches turns to her magic
You can see the sparkle in her eyes
When she says

I’m gonna do it differently
These are dangerous times
I’m living dangerously
I’m gonna do it differently
‘Cause dangerous times need a dangerous woman like me
Ooh, Dangerous, ooh

You can find him on the dance floor
Life of the party
And good to the core
Funny as all get-up
He’ll make you smile every time
And he turns trash into treasure
Right in front of your eyes

And when he sees her across the room
He struts right over to show off his moves
The music’s playing, she swivels her hips
He takes her hand and she takes a dip

And when they touch it’s magic
You can see the sparkle in their eyes
And he says

I’m gonna do this differently
These are dangerous times, I’m living dangerously
I’m gonna do it differently
In dangerous times I want this dangerous woman with me
Ooh, dangerous, ooh

Wherever they go they lift others up
When you’re low, they fill your cup
Re-tell the story
Rewrite the rules
Compost the trash
Share all the jewels

They say
We’re gonna do it differently
These are dangerous times
We’re living dangerously
Yeah we’re gonna do it differently
These are dangerous times
We’re living dangerously

Shake it up, come on and shake it up
Shake it up, we’re gonna shake it up
Shake it up, come on and shake it up
Shake it up, we’re gonna shake it up


released August 23, 2021
Music & Lyrics by Amber Rubarth (c)(p) 2021, Inspiraled Music (ASCAP)

Recorded and mixed at home (Kingston, NY) by Amber Rubarth
Amber Rubarth - Vocals & Guitar
Dave Eggar - Cello (recorded at Classic Recording Studio in Bristol, TN)


all rights reserved



Amber Rubarth Nashville, Tennessee

In her unassuming yet beguiling way, Amber Rubarth draws you into a world where wonder and insight weave a poetic tapestry with “songs so strong they sound like classics” (Acoustic Guitar).

She has toured extensively through Europe, Africa, Asia and the US including Carnegie Hall, and has composed for numerous films. She makes her acting debut co-starring in 'American Folk,' out now on Amazon.
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